Monday, October 31, 2016

Latest Updates

Aug 4: Finally I will be on a series of vacations from Aug 1 thru December 31.. I will make occasional updates on this project during this time span. Cheers!

The Listeners Guides for Nagra rolls 20-A + 54-B through 23-A + 56-B and 44-A + 67-B are revised.

July 28: I finished the draft Listeners Guide introduction for 45-A + 68-B.

July 25: Conversation (049), One After 909 (006), and My Baby Left Me (001) are revised.  You can re-download them here

July 16Here is a raw chunk of the join of Nagra rolls 45-A + 68-B.  It starts on B-Cam. The person at the soundboard did not wake up until 0:46A-Cam joins in at 1:01. They are getting ready to resume Two of Us rehearsals after the tempest in a tea pot row between George and Paul.

July 15Here is the final track from Nagra roll 44-AConversation (060). The Beatles are finally ready to move on with rehearsals for the live TV show. 

The Listener's Guide entry for this track is complete.

Here is where you can download the first 31 tracks that make up LIDB - Volume Four, Disk One.