Sunday, December 10, 2017

Latest Updates

December 10: Corrected the link to the Listener's Guide for Nagra roll 2-A.

December 2: Here is the completed track (thru 3:35) Two Of Us (021). I really enjoy this fun performance.

The following Listeners Guides are revised: Narga rolls 39-A + 64-B, 40-A + 64-B + 65-B, 41-A + 65-B, and 42-A + 66-B

November 30: I corrected an error in the Listener's Guide for roll 14-A + 50-B + 51-B.  A big 'thank you' goes to Sebastián Mora for catching my mistake and for alerting me.

November 12: All the tracks from Nagra rolls 45-+ 68-B are complete. Click here to download the individual tracks and the Listener's Guide.