Sunday, December 10, 2017

Latest Updates

December 10: Corrected the link to the Listener's Guide for Nagra roll 2-A.

December 2: Here is the completed track (thru 3:35) Two Of Us (021). I really enjoy this fun performance.

The following Listeners Guides are revised: Narga rolls 39-A + 64-B, 40-A + 64-B + 65-B, 41-A + 65-B, and 42-A + 66-B

November 30: I corrected an error in the Listener's Guide for roll 14-A + 50-B + 51-B.  A big 'thank you' goes to Sebastián Mora for catching my mistake and for alerting me.

November 12: All the tracks from Nagra rolls 45-+ 68-B are complete. Click here to download the individual tracks and the Listener's Guide.


Bruno P.R said...

Hi friend,
first: thanks for the amazing blog!
Well, I found these wonderful gem on SoulSeek:

The Beatles Lost Album - 2017 -
320 kbps - Bootleg - NOT FOR SALE!
Amazing rare and ultra rare unreleased Beatles songs.
this is the best Beatles Bootleg so far, on best quality.
The album had a great production and sounds like a George Martin/Jeff Lynne's production (as in the sensitivity to choose tracklist order, fix tracks, clean up, tracks transitions, cover art, etc.).
The collection is incredibly complete of unreleased Beatles tracks (only few songs were left out: some covers/blues/jam with low quality-performance production).
In short: unlike most bootlegs that are just a put together rarities, this album is very well-architected in its concept and you feel the pleasure of listening to a "lost classic Beatles album".Highly recommended! Enjoy :)

So I put the album in We Transfer, you just click the link to download it:

(the link is available for 7 days)

Cheers and congratulations for the wonderfull blog :)
Happy Xmas!


Benjamin Levi-Marks said...

Many Thanks Bruno!

Bruno P.R said...


Bruno P.R said...

Hi again Benjamin, now the permanent link on google drive to download the entire The Beatles - The Lost Album 2017 6 Cds (plus bonus discs)

Happy New Year!

Benjamin Levi-Marks said...

Once again, Thank you Sir Bruno!

Bruno P.R said...

always welcome :)