Monday, March 25, 2019

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SEPTEMBER 180, 2021 - Completed and Tweeted Roll 30-A + 61-B + 62-B

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Carl said...
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Benjamin Levi-Marks said...

Many Thanks Bruno!

Carl said...


Carl said...
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Benjamin Levi-Marks said...

Once again, Thank you Sir Bruno!

Carl said...

always welcome :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you'll be resuming! I was intimidated by the sheer amount of material when attempting my own listening of the complete tapes, and this was an invaluable resource for cutting to the best bits and understanding the personal dynamics.

Augusto Torres - um portuguesito Sempre Desempregado e nas Sopas dos Pobres tudos dias Tambem!!! said...

e que pasa agora? portuguesito boy disse na verdade soulamente amigo! El e dos acores e um macaco com tudos outros portumerdas! Que pasa? E tu? Tu e um macaco portuguesito do merda em espelho! E tudo e nada mais anonimo/unknown cabesa portuguesita do merda!

putugal e uma merda muito,, muito GRANDE! E tudo! Abaixo na merda do putugal agora e SEMPRE!

Lembrate do Wiriyamu, Mozambique covarde portuguesito?? Abaixo na merda do putugal, abaixo SEMPRE!!! Barbaros em suas colonias velhas portuguesitos do merda! Merda = putugal!

Seus 2 Grandes Cidades em putugal? MERDA e PUTA!!

Anonymous said...

Hi friends
I’m also a fan of the BEATLES.
I have written a website about "The Get Back Sessions".
This website includes full time maps that reflect day by day all the "performances" that were recorded during "The Get Back Sessions".
These MAPs include all the technician’s comments, all the recording holes, the interconnections between the A and B rolls, the partial and total times of the different segments, silences, recording errors, etc. indicating the Nagra roll and the moment in which each segment is extracted.
The MAPS are very strict and allow to reconstruct exactly what happened during these sessions.
The recordings used are all those that can be obtained in one way or another.
I have also included all the AKA's that I have found, as well as cross-referenced tables of all the different numbers that each performance has had over the years.
I hope this website is interesting for you.


Best wishes,

Enrique Lopez