Sunday, March 26, 2017

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August 6: Beginning to familiarize myself with this project and the tools I use.  I am currently working on a little side anthology and booklet for a 14 year old girl who is just discovering the Beatles. Still hitting the gym big time.

March 27: Still alive and thriving.  I have become a hard core gym addict.  I will return later this year, re-energized and BIG! 

Here is where you can download the first 31 tracks that make up LIDB - Volume Four, Disk One.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Act Three Scene Three Rolls 45-A + 68-B

Two of us sending postcards, writing letters, on my wall.

The music is still a raw join: The Beatles move on from disagreement and into John's 'vamping' idea.  This results in a tasty and unique rendering of ‘Two of Us’ in which both Ringo and George shine.
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45-A + 68-B


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Act Three Scene Three Rolls 44-A + 67-B

Not guilty. For getting in your way while you're trying to steal the day

George continues to improvise, which results in a powerfully driven version of Paul’sTwo Of Us’.  However, without warning the atmosphere turns sour. This leads to the much-discussed ‘row’ between George and Paul. We will conduct a fresh examination into the forces and personalities that shaped this conflict. The causes are far more nuanced than portrayed in the cinema release of the film ‘Let It Be’.
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44-A + 67-B


Friday, July 8, 2016


Download the individual tracks (320 kbps) and Listener's Guides which make up LIBD Volume One Disk One here.   This disk captures how it all began the morning of January 2, 1969 

Download LIBD Volume One Disk Two here.   This disk captures how it all began the morning of January 3, 1969

Download LIBD Volume Two Disk One here.   This disk captures the late morning and early afternoon of January 3, 1969

Download LIBD Volume Two Disk Two here.   Captures the Beatles hard at work on 'All Things Must Pass'.

Download LIBD Volume Three Disk One here. Experience the end of January 3, 1969 and the beginning of January 6.

Download LIBD Volume Three Disk Two here. Experience the events leading up to the infamous row between George and Paul on the afternoon of January 6.

Download LIBD Volume Four Disk One here. Experience the infamous row between George and Paul on the afternoon of January 6.

Download my edit/remix of the Beatles 1965 tour here.   It begins with the Ed Sullivan show (in stereo), continues with Shea Stadium, and finishes with the Hollywood Bowl show.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Act Three Scene Three Rolls 43-A

'Two Of Us' - Which 'two' are you actually referring to?

Sounding pleased with George’s discovery of the 'Don't Let Me Down' catchy hook, the Beatles play John's song two final times to hear where it currently stands. Since Paul's middle-eight idea did not pan out, this remains the part of the song that most needs further attention.

At long last, it is time to move on to the next song: Paul's 'Two of Us'. Fasten your safety belts, as it is going to be a bumpy ride.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Act Three Scene Three Rolls 42-A + 66-B

Introducing those Merry Madcaps of Eternal Darkness: The Strolling Moans

Rehearsals for Don't Let Me Down are heading towards a conclusion, which George indirectly triggers. 

Despite having tried a handful of variations based on Paul’sI’m in love for the first time counter-vocal idea, the Beatles continue searching for the elusive something that makes Paul's idea work.  Now they expand their musical search parameters, resulting in several unique versions of Don’t Let Me Down.
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42-+ 66-B


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Beatles 1965: Ed Sullivan, Shea Stadium and Hollywood Bowl

Here is where you can download my edit/remix of the Beatles 1965 tour.   It begins with the Ed Sullivan show (in stereo!), continues with Shea Stadium, and finishes with the Hollywood Bowl show.

An interesting note on the latter: days before this performance, John, George and Ringo had experienced a pharmaceutical strength LSD Blowout high up in the Hollywood Hills.

If you have experienced the wonder-drug LSD, then you know that it PERMANENTLY alters one's perceptions. One is (for lack of a better word) spaced out for several days following an acid trip. 

You can hear some entertainingly strange on-stage banter from both John and George during the set.  


Monday, May 9, 2016

Act Three Scene Three Rolls 41-A + 65-B

The Mad Man of Twickenham: Unleashed and hard at work

This is a very interesting moment in the Don’t Let Me Down rehearsals. The Beatles begin to rehearse pieces of the song using increasingly unique and one-time arrangements. Some are beautiful; some are very funny, while others are strange. 
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41-+ 65-B


Friday, April 29, 2016

Tune In - The Anthology

I thought she was a sandwich
Like many of us, I read and was bowled over by the book Tune In - Part One (the UK long edition) by Mark Lewisohn.  I had a major epiphany after finishing volume one.  I realized that the US fans (including me) missed experiencing everything that precedes their 1964 Ed Sullivan appearance.

Thanks to Tune In, for the first time I was able to grasp what it must have been like in real time for British fans as they experienced the rise of the Beatles. In addition, for the fans who packed the Cavern, it must have been beyond jaw dropping to experience one of their own conquering the UK, and then the world.

To both 1). help me to experience this phase of their career, and 2). to re-familiarize myself with the software I use on Get Back to Let It Be… Dissected, I created an audio anthology.  I worked on it for a year, during which time this is the only Beatles music that I listened to.  

To keep the story moving in parallel with the book’s narrative timeline, I took artistic license here and there for the greater good.  In addition, I enhanced many of the BBC recordings as a software learning exercise.  By the time I completed the final disk (seven), I stopped listening to any of this, and began working on Get Back to Let it Be… Dissected, picking up where I had left off eight years earlier. 

Since the book ‘Tune In’ absolutely inspired this little project, I titled it ‘Tune In’.  It spans seven disks.  As I listen to it, I imagine that I am watching some fantasy documentary that corresponds to the audio material. It has been in my mind for some time to share it.  Therefore, here it is in individual track (192 kbps) format.

  • Download Tune In Disk One here.  This disk captures how it all began up thru mid 1962 
  • Download Tune In Disk Two here.  This disk captures mid 1962 to early 1963.
  • Download Tune In Disk Three here.  This disk captures early to mid 1963.
  • Download Tune In Disk Four here.  This disk captures mid 1963.
  • Download Tune In Disk Five here.  This disk captures 'With the Beatles'.
  • Download Tune In Disk Six here.  This disk captures the end of 1963 into early 1964.
  • Download Tune In Disk Seven here.  This disk captures Ed Sullivan to A Hard Days Night.


    Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    Act Three Scene Three Rolls 40-A + 64-B + 65-B

    The Beatles continue to work on the weakest link of Don’t Let Me Down.   

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    40-+ 64-+ 65-B