Saturday, October 14, 2017

Act Three Scene Three Rolls 43-A

Which 'two of us" is the song, 'Two of Us' actually referring to?

Sounding pleased with George’s discovery of the 'Don't Let Me Down' catchy hook, the Beatles play John's song a final two times to hear where it currently stands. Since Paul's middle eight idea was scuppered, the bridge remains the part of the song that most needs continuing attention.

At last, it is time to move on to the next song: Paul's 'Two of Us'. Fasten your safety belts, as it is going to be a memorably bumpy ride.
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Anonymous said...

Wow. I am glad I discovered yo0ur site. It must take a lot of work to do what you do. Thanks for letting us share in it for free.

T-Bird said...

Glad that you like it. It is a labour of love for me.