Sunday, October 8, 2017

Act Two Scene Two: Rolls 24-A + 56-B

John, who has been extremely quiet the past several Nagra rolls, suddenly springs back to a lively and fully participating form. Thus, the long and at times tedious rehearsals of George's masterpiece, All Things Must Pass, finally yield a golden performance of the song.

In this version, George's vision of the band he wishes to perform with is realized. Specifically, what he said back on track All Things Must Pass (015) occurs:

  • "The reason all those people are singing different lines is because they all want to be the singer". He goes on to describe the discipline that the members of The Band have developed to all do so, without crowding out one another"
After this take, the Fab Four unstress by returning to a bit of well-deserved impromptu comedy, improvization, and Beatle silliness. Moreover, despite the stunning volume of material covered in a single day, there is still another song to be rehearsed, one that will appear later in the year on their Abbey Road LP Press to Play Rolls 24-A56-B

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