Friday, October 6, 2017

Act Two Scene One: Rolls 16-A + 51-B

This is an extremely potent roll. The Beatles begin a day two rehearsal of the song that received the most day one attention: Paul's "I've got a Feeling". The first performance of the song on day two not only retains every bit of progress made the prior day, but also continues to build upon its rock solid foundation. 

They end the song and segue into a virtual Beatle Beehive of activity, with John, Paul, and George concurrently working on three different aspects of I’ve Got a Feeling. Ringo looks on in silence, absorbing three different musical conversations. 

On the final I’ve Got a Feeling performance of the day, Paul steps up to the plate and for the first time belts out his first middle eight vocal “all these years I’ve been wandering around” in a manner reminiscent of Helter Skelter. This sends the song soaring into permanent orbit aimed directly at the Rooftop.

Lastly, John launches One After 909, which he wrote back in 1958. By the end of the first vocal line, the rest of the band has jumped on board this rapidly accelerating train for one hell of a musical ride. 

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