Friday, July 8, 2016


Download the individual tracks (320 kbps) and Listener's Guides which make up LIBD Volume One Disk One here.   This disk captures how it all began the morning of January 2, 1969 

Download LIBD Volume One Disk Two here. This disk captures how it all began the morning of January 3, 1969

Download LIBD Volume Two Disk One here. This disk captures the late morning and early afternoon of January 3, 1969

Download LIBD Volume Two Disk Two hereThis disk captures the Beatles hard at work on 'All Things Must Pass'.

Download LIBD Volume Three Disk One here. Experience the end of January 3, 1969 and the beginning of January 6.

Download LIBD Volume Three Disk Two here. Experience the events leading up to the infamous row between George and Paul on the afternoon of January 6.

Download LIBD Volume Four Disk One here. Experience the infamous row between George and Paul on the afternoon of January 6.

Download my edit/remix of the Beatles 1965 tour here.   It begins with the Ed Sullivan show (in stereo), continues with Shea Stadium, and finishes with the Hollywood Bowl show.


coltturkey said...

Just discover your blog and download the first two Volumes: Really great Set. Please continue your great work. Greetings

T-Bird said...

Thanks. I like providing something of value - for Free.

coltturkey said...

For Volume 3 Disc 1 and 2 are the same link for Disc 1. Have you a link for Disc 2 as well? Thanks for your hard work

T-Bird said...

Again, THANKS for catching this, ColdTurkey.

Jules Walker said...

Many thanks for all your hard work on this massive project.

T-Bird said...

Hey Jules (I could not resist), you are most welcome. Knowing that anyone else is enjoying the fruits of this project make doing this all worthwhile. Cheers