Friday, April 29, 2016

Tune In - The Anthology

I thought she was a sandwich
Like many of us, I read and was bowled over by the book Tune In - Part One (the UK long edition) by Mark Lewisohn.  I had a major epiphany after finishing volume one.  I realized that the US fans (including me) missed experiencing everything that precedes their 1964 Ed Sullivan appearance.

Thanks to Tune In, for the first time I was able to grasp what it must have been like in real time for British fans as they experienced the rise of the Beatles. In addition, for the fans who packed the Cavern, it must have been beyond jaw dropping to experience one of their own conquering the UK, and then the world.

To both 1). help me to experience this phase of their career, and 2). to re-familiarize myself with the software I use on Get Back to Let It Be… Dissected, I created an audio anthology.  I worked on it for a year, during which time this is the only Beatles music that I listened to.  

To keep the story moving in parallel with the book’s narrative timeline, I took artistic license here and there for the greater good.  In addition, I enhanced many of the BBC recordings as a software learning exercise.  By the time I completed the final disk (seven), I stopped listening to any of this, and began working on Get Back to Let it Be… Dissected, picking up where I had left off eight years earlier. 

Since the book ‘Tune In’ absolutely inspired this little project, I titled it ‘Tune In’.  It spans seven disks.  As I listen to it, I imagine that I am watching some fantasy documentary that corresponds to the audio material. It has been in my mind for some time to share it.  Therefore, here it is in individual track (192 kbps) format.

  • Download Tune In Disk One here.  This disk captures how it all began up thru mid 1962 
  • Download Tune In Disk Two here.  This disk captures mid 1962 to early 1963.
  • Download Tune In Disk Three here.  This disk captures early to mid 1963.
  • Download Tune In Disk Four here.  This disk captures mid 1963.
  • Download Tune In Disk Five here.  This disk captures 'With the Beatles'.
  • Download Tune In Disk Six here.  This disk captures the end of 1963 into early 1964.
  • Download Tune In Disk Seven here.  This disk captures Ed Sullivan to A Hard Days Night.