Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Act Two Scene Two: Rolls 25-A + 57-B

This had been a very productive and long day for the Beatles.  Let’s review:

It started with Paul’smorning show” at the piano where he played an interesting piano arrangement of an extremely tragic 1936 classical piece titled “Adagio for Strings”. Next, he musically time traveled performing a 1925 Broadway musical comedy show stopper and the theme song from an early 1950’s British children’s show featuring a puppet named Torchy. Lastly, he debuted four new songs, two which are now considered to be among his masterpieces.

Next, following Ringo’s arrival came “Morning  News with George”, followed by George’s own “morning show” which included a Dylan song, a mystery number of unknown origin, multiple discussions on a wide range of topics, and a new song that has gone on to become one of his masterpieces.

Ringo put on his own mini show playing two new in-progress songs (both never to be heard from again), and making whole series of short funny observations.

Once John arrived, the Beatles launched an entertaining warm-up “morning show” which was at times bizarrely strange and very funny.  The songs they performed strayed all over their own shared musical universe.

The first song to be worked on was “Don’t Let Me Down”, followed by two rocking performances of “I’ve Got a Feeling”.

John resurrected “One After 909” from the dead.

The Beatles went on a trip down musical memory lane, performing lost Lennon-McCartney songs, soul classics, and even a song from “A Hard Day’s Night”.

The song “Two of Us” received extensive work.

After lunch, the Beatles put on an afternoon warmup show consisting of oldies, novelty drinking songs, and even an original song by John that did not see the official light of day until his 1971 Imagine LP.

George’s “All Things Must Pass” received a deep rehearsal.  As a bonus, the rehearsal includes bizarre comedic versions of the song, conversations on topics strung all over the map, and a wonderful improvization number with Paul supplying instant lyrics.

Despite such a busy day, the Beatles continue for four more Nagra rolls before calling it a day and breaking for the weekend.  They continue working on “All Things Must Pass” and then, one of the songs that Paul debuted during his “morning show” receives its first rehearsals.  This song is on side one of their valedictorian LP: “Abbey Road

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